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Options Alive was founded in 1998 by Bronwyn Buck to provide a range of services with people, priorities and profit in mind.

People who are focused, have the right tools, are recognised for their efforts and can balance, at times, conflicting priorities make a profit.

This has been Bronwyn’s experience based on over 25 years of general management roles including strategic, marketing, operational and project management.

Bronwyn now provides her expertise to business owners and leaders so that they learn and develop their own skills working with people, priorities and profit.

Strategic Conversations 
People are the key to getting results including profit.

People want to know and be involved in how their individual and team role contributes to the result, understand why the result is important and be recognised for their efforts.

People and business have competing priorities and timeframes. Balancing priorities and time with the result and/or profit in mind is a skill and a necessity in constantly changing times.

Strategic conversations provide context, clarity, focus, a sharing of views and knowledge and an opportunity to learn from each other and lead to a desired result.

Learning2gether is a global distance learning service delivered by telephone using conference calls for interactive and dynamic TeleLearning programs.

Everyone has a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into and shared in an environment that encourages learning from each other in a time and cost effective manner.

Options Alive and Learning2gether’s primary aims are to facilitate learning and sharing our unique individualism within a global community

Bronwyn can be contacted at bronwyn@optionsalive.com

….allow every step you take to move you in the direction of your vision…

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