Global Distance Learning

Imagine this: You are sitting in your comfortable chair having a interactive and dynamic conversation with a group of people, who maybe located anywhere around the world, and who are interested in the same topic of learning as you are. You do not need to travel or get dressed up; all you need is a phone and a willingness to learn from each other.

Learning2gether offers a range of learning forums that are held via a conference call.  People from all over the world gather to meet and interact in a friendly, relaxed environment - the perfect way to learn and develop.

The TeleLearning format benefits include:

  • Low cost ie no room hire, travel or accommodation costs

  • Time effective ie no travel time

  • Just in time learning ie easy and quick to set learning format

  • Taps into our tacit knowledge

TeleLearning groups are held via a normal phone and a conference call and are facilitated by a highly trained and experienced facilitator.

Bronwyn Buck has been leading TeleLearning calls since December 1998 with global groups of up to 27 and with over 4800 contact hours. Learning topics have included business turnaround, profitability, small business success, leadership, listening, marketing and coaching skills.

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Bronwyn can be contacted at bronwyn@optionsalive.com

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