Strategic Conversations

Strategic Conversations between people support improved

  • profitability,
  • productivity,
  • staff retention and
  • customer service

Strategic Conversation services for people with priorities delivering profit include

  • Dynamic strategic review generating options and most probable future
  • Implementation plan including priorities, communication, culture, rewards, process, systems, information and deliverables.
  • Learning and knowledge sharing that support balancing priorities for profit
  • People – building on individual’s strengths, diversity, skills, knowledge and contributions and needs.

The services support the business owner or leader to deliver their desired results by working with people who influence the result including staff, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.

The Context of Strategic Conversations.

The secret of getting profits/results is People, People, People.

Most businesses measure their success by financial results or return to the shareholder. Businesses that focus on people have been shown to be more profitable, more productive, and have better staff retention and customer satisfaction.

People are part of any business, whether they are the employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, or the community in which the business operates.

People look for opportunities to be involved, to grow and develop and be acknowledged for their contributions and diversity.

Within business the people involved have a variety of competing and changing priorities. Understanding and working with the priorities of individuals, teams and the overall business can make handling the constantly changing environment easier.

The how, the what, the processes and systems are of little use in a business if people do not understand the context in which business operates, where it is heading and how they fit into the business.

Conversations based on a common context and a shared vision have more meaning and are more likely to produce the desired results

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